This quiet and quaint island has a small population of approximately 600 people. The architecture is unique to the Bahamas with homes resembling those one might have found in a New England seaside village at the turn of the century. Exceptional beaches, relaxation, deep sea fishing, and great diving offshore are staples of the Bahamas. But unexpected gems can be found by visiting the Loyalist Memorial Sculpture Garden that contains 24 busts of famous Bahamians and their history. Or The Albert Lowe Museum, home to many fascinating artifacts, displays, and paintings depicting the life of the Loyalists who settled in New Plymouth from the American colonies. 

Golf Cart Rentals

Make your way around this beautiful island and explore all of the white sand beaches and tucked in coves.

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Rent a boat to explore the reefs by diving and snorkeling, fishing, or visiting the surrounding islands and settlements. There are even deserted islands and secret coves to explore that were used by 17th Century pirates. Visit Hope Town, Elbow Cay, and Great Guana Cay, home of nippers.

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Fishing in the Abacos is some of the best in all of the Bahamas. Local fishing guides are available for flats fishing for the elusive bonefish, and excellent deep sea fishing for grouper and snapper.

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Explore coral catacombs and sparkling sand channels or dive a fascinating wreck. We offer one or two dives per day from 10 to 100 feet. Come experience with us the beautiful shallow coral gardens with elk and stag horn corals and abundant marine life. Take the first step in becoming a diver with us, or build on the skills you already have with our PADI Certified Instruction. Scuba and snorkeling trips, wild dolphin encounters, island hopping, sunset sailing cruises, and kayaking tours are all available.


Brendal’s Dive Center